Microcosmic Orbit #51 of 100

Did this MCO today at work , after my daily cold shower. I decided to do it a little different because I have seen in articles on the internet that ‘my’ version of the MCO is a bit odd. Normally the MCO is done by leading the energy over the back from he root chakra to the crown in one fluid movement during the inbreath , and leading it down over the chest from the crown to the root during the out breath. This is quite different from the way I do it , I go from energy center to energy center in the course of a breath cycle.

So today I tried the other technique where the whole cycle is done during one breath cycle. I used this audio track to time my breaths , trying to have no pause between breaths and using abdominal breathing. At the out breath I still lightly contract the pelvic floor muscle. Sitting on a chair , spine erect but not strained and tongue against the palate of the mouth. Breathing in and out through the nostrils.

I did this for 15 minutes and it takes some getting used to , but as I progressed in the sessions it started to live. There was discomfort between my shouder blades that I could not get rid of by changing my posture so i left it be. Then there was some sense of warmth or distant heat that slowly travelled up my spine over the course of a few cycles and it seemed to penetrate the feeling between the shoulder blades. It was subtle but interesting. It felt a bit like a warm worm or something was slowly crawling up through the spine.

Focus was decent , which is not surprising since this was new and interesting. Don’t know what I will do tomorrow , the old method or the new. We’ll see.

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