Microcosmic Orbit #52 of 100

Today I did the 52nd MCO , at work seated in a chair. Took 15 minutes and used the same breathing through the mouth as yesterday evening since it feels more effective than the simple abdominal breathing through the nose I used to do. I did 10 minutes of fast and deep (not too deep) breathing without pauses between breaths. I tried to make a full energy cycle during each breath cycle , meaning up the back during the in breath and down the chest during the out breath. This went fine , but it’s too fast to really feel any energy yet. After 10 minutes I switched to slow and deep breathing and going from one energy center to the next in each breath cycle. This is much more detailed and it felt good.There was a clear sense of warmth streaming into the abdomen when the energy moved from heart to lower dantian and into the sacral. Also very strong pressure at the 3rd eye , perhaps strongest I ever felt. Even had to stop there for a few breaths since the energy really got stuck there and I don’t want to force anything.Other places also had warmth sensations from time to time.I did not use any guiding audio now.
I am a little confused when I should contract the pelvic floor muscle. I read contradictory instructions at different places , some indicate to do it while going up the back and others do it while going down the chest. Maybe next time I’ll try doing it while going up the back with the in breath , see how it feels.

As I’m writing this 10 minutes after the meditation, there still is a clear sense of mild heat in my lower back.

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