Microcosmic Orbit #53 of 100

I changed the method a bit, again. I was seated cross-legged and set the timer for 30 minutes with an interval bell every 10 minutes. The plan was to do fast breathing for 10 minutes and then do 10 minutes of fast breathing + fast MCO ( 1 complete cycle per breath cycle) and then do 10 minutes of slow MCO (move from center to center during each breath). When I started I realized that yesterday and the day before I probably forgot to keep the tip of my tongue against the palate of the mouth. This time I did. Focus was wandering and fast breathing was interrupted numerous times because of thoughts taking over. After 10 minutes I switched to fast MCO. After some time I switched to the slow MCO with normal breathing through the nose. This time I included the solar plexus again, as well as the back of the heart chakra. Sensations were less clear when compared to yesterday but certainly present. Still it was a nice meditation.

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