Microcosmic Orbit #54 of 100

I did this MCO during the evening meditation because I didn’t have the time to do it during the day. I started out with a Violet Flame meditation which I hadn’t done for some time.

(I used to do this one daily for a few months and in the beginning it gave me quite strong sensations but these faded over time. Since the meditation is for cleaning the energy body, I suppose that it simply had become clean. I do it sometimes now just for maintenance.)

After 10 minutes the Violet flame was done and I put on this track for breath guidance. I did the slow MCO for 15 minutes , so going from one energy center to the next in one breath. Focus was decent, mind didn’t wander. Sensations included subtle heat in the abdomen, feelings of a moving presence when going up the spine, tingling at the crown and pressure at the 3rd eye.

What I find lately is that I am able to focus on the physical spot in my body where I’m guiding the energy and at the same time visualize the light of the energy going through a luminous energy body.

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