Microcosmic Orbit #56 of 100

This was a 30-minute session sitting cross-legged in my meditation room. Using regular breath through the nose, contracting pelvic floor muscle at the in-breath. This took some effort because I found contracting that muscle during the in-breath while doing abdominal breathing to be difficult.

I started with 10 minutes of drawing in energy into the lower dantian at the in breath, to build energy there. The next 10 minutes I did the fast MCO using the collected energy, doing one cycle around the torso per breath cycle. The last 10 minutes I did the slow MCO , moving from one energy center to the next during each breath cycle. Concentration was reasonable with some mind wandering. I was a bit tense so relaxation was not optimal. Also I was tired, have been preparing today for our upcoming camping trip to France. As a result, energy sensations and the liveliness of the visualisation were less than usual. Only some warmth in the abdomen and light pressure around the 3rd eye.

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