Microcosmic Orbit #59 of 100

Another short 13-minute session at work ; 3 minutes to wind down the monkey mind and 10 minutes of MCO.
I read about the Hara line and I built up the initial starting energy by drawing energy up through this line as an experiment.
I did this during the in breath , contracting the pelvic floor muscle during the out breath. After a few minutes I started the MCO. The energy presented itself as a regular small fire this time and there was subtle but definite heat at the location where the fire was. When moving it , there was a sense of presence moving and the heat flowed from spot to spot. This was not clearly felt everywhere , it was strongest in the abdomen and lower back and weakest in the upper half of the body.The sense of a moving presence was there everywhere though. Concentration was good in this session , used the guided audio that is on my media page.
After the meditation a sense of heat lingers in the abdomen. I visualize my lower dantian as a clear crystal ball these days , able tot absorb and release energy. At the end of the MCO I let this ball absorb the collected energy.
Feeling better after the meditation than before.

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