Microcosmic orbit

This evening I tried an MCO in the evening (with the risk of losing another night’s sleep 🙃). I started out with 30 minutes of focusing on the breath at the nose. It took this time to get the concentration to an acceptable level. I then started a 20-minute MCO using guided audio (see media page).

I immediately noticed the warmth building up in my abdomen. It doesn’t travel all the way around my torso when move around from center to center, I only feel it at the lower Dan Tian, bladder and lower back. But I wasn’t really interested in the sensations, I’m more interested in what the MCO will do for me. After 20 minutes I let the warmth rest in the lower Dan Tian and it felt pleasant, it was softening up the ball of tension that I always have there so I let it soak for a few minutes.

The session felt good, let’s wait and see what it’ll do to my night rest and mood.

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