Microcosmic Orbit #60 of 100

just did a 13-minute MCO at work , a very slow version. I asked for support from my higher self and guides.
The first three minutes I collected energy again through the hara , seems to work for me.
Breathing in energy through the root chakra , contracting pelvic floor at the out breath.
Subtle heat collected in my abdomen.
After three minutes I started circulating , going from one center to the next at each breath.Did not use guiding audio. I tried to let the energy dictate the speed of the movement because at some spots the energy is more difficult to move. For example , going from between the shoulder blades upwards to the neck and from the 3rd eye to the throat. In those cases it took multiple breath to go to the next spot. Focus was reasonable , and sensations included mild heat in the abdomen , tingling at the crown and pressure at the 3rd eye.
The root chakra remains ‘dead’ in terms of sensations.
There is always a period after the MCO that I feel heat in the abdomen.

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