Microcosmic Orbit #61 of 100

This was a 13-minute session at 10:45 at work. I used no guiding audio. I asked for support from my higher self and guides and spent 3 minutes drawing in energy through the hara into the lower dantian. I could feel the subtle warmth building , it is still there as I write this.
I started the MCO by doing full cycles , the energy going around the torso in a breath cycle. After about two minutes I switched to the slow version , going from one center to the next in one breath. I let the energy dictate the tempo as there are spots where there is resistance and the energy gets stuck. This is the case when going from the opposite of the solar plexus on the back to the opposite of the heart , and when going from 3rd eye to throat.There it took 2 or more breath before I felt that the energy had passed through.
In one cycle I arrived at the heart and there was the lotus flower of my mother. I got shivers and got the impression my mom was present. She wanted me to stop for a moment. I find that difficult so I continued but kept my attention with her. She seemed to want to say I have to let go , to accept. That I will stay stuck if I don’t. I know what she means.I will do my best.
There was something like a hug or a merging after that which felt strange but nice and that was it.
I finished the session as usual after that , storing the collected energy in the crystal ball in my lower dantian.
Feeling refreshed afterwards.

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