Microcosmic Orbit #64 of 100

I woke up slightly earlier than my family today so a nice opportunity for a mediation, but had to do it at my sleeping spot because I can’t get out of the caravan without waking everybody up. So this MCO was done while lying down. I had no guidance since I could not access my phone. I started with¬†¬†drawing in energy from the earth through the hara into the lower dantian at the in breath, contracting pelvic floor at the out breath. Did this for 10 slow breaths and started the MCO, going from one energy center to the next in a breath. I took my time, breaths were slow and at some spots it took multiple breaths to let the energy go from one spot to the next. Not that I feel so much sensations, it’s just that I wait until I think I can go on. Did this for 5 cycles around the torso. Sensations were very mild. The energy center themselves don’t give me much sensations, I’m supposed to feel them rotating but that is yet to come.

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