Microcosmic orbit #69 of 100

I was seated in the caravan while it was raining when I did this 26-minute session. Just before this we went to a crystals expo nearby where we bought some nice stones, these were on the table in front of me. I don’t know if it was the energy of the stones that supported me, but it was a nice session. Focus was quite good and there was a sense of movement and warmth going around while doing the MCO. I started out by drawing in energy from my surroundings into my lower dantian for a few minutes after which I could already feel the warmth glowing in my abdomen. I used the guided audio again for the MCO , so that means going from one spot to the next during each breath cycle. At the end I let the envisioned crystal ball in my abdomen absorb the collected energy. The sensation of heat in my abdomen after the session was clear.

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