Microcosmic orbit #71 of 100

Sat down at the peaceful quiet spot along the stream again.First tried to stay in awareness, the I Am feeling. Feeling ‘my’ body, not being the body but being attached to the body.After about 15 minutes decided to do an MCO. No guiding audio of course. Imagined drawing in the energy from around me. I was sitting by the stream in the sun so that means air, water, fire and earth energy .The energy was a bright white ball this time, going around the torso from spot to spot with little resistance. Still contracting the pelvic floor muscle at the out breath.After about 10 minutes I stopped but as I wanted to store the collected energy in the crystal ball in my lower dantian, it seemed to want to move upward to my head so I let it do that. There the energy was absorbed in a purple crystal ball in the center of my head. Total session time was about 35 minutes.

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