Microcosmic orbit #73 of 100

I went to the quiet spot along the stream again. I picked a nice tree and put my hands on it , asking it for permission to let me purge my negative emotions into mother earth via it’s roots. It didn’t feel very lively but I continued for a minute or two. Then I thanked the tree for the oxygen and shelter it provides. I then gave it some Shamballa energy. It did not feel very effective though but that is not required for it to work.After that I sat down on the bank of the stream close to a small waterfall and started my MCO. I started out with asking for guidance from my higher self and guides. First I tried to build up some energy in my lower dantian by drawing energy in from the beautiful natural surroundings , but the negative mood that I am in lately seems to block appreciation of the beauty and building energy didn’t feel very effective so I just started the MCO. I began with somewhat faster and deeper breathing without pauses , circulating the energy around the torso during each breath cycle. I continued for about 15 minutes and stopped , thanking my higher self and guides for the guidance . Not that I noticed anything of guidance, but I try to trust.

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