Microcosmic orbit #75 of 100

The weather is nice so I sat on my seiza bench in front of the caravan.
I started this 30-minute session with quieting down the mind and collecting energy from my surroundings into the lower dantian for a few minutes. Then I started the guided audio and began the MCO. I used normal abdominal breathing and contracted the pelvic floor muscle at each exhale. With the guided audio the orbit is slow, so I went from one center to the next in the course of a breath cycle. I noticed that, just as last time, I didn’t visualize the energy anymore. Instead, I fully concentrated on the physical sensations. I felt a presence moving from spot to spot , sometimes combined with warmth. The resistance I usually feel when going from 3rd eye to throat and from kidneys to neck is slowly fading. It was a good session and I felt energized afterwards.

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