Microcosmic orbit #76 of 100

I was seated kneeled on the seiza bench on front of the caravan. I planned to do a short session of 10 minutes. I just had breakfast and normally it is not conducive to energy work if the body is busy processing a fresh meal, but I tried to make use of the opportunity anyway.
I started with a couple of minutes of quieting the mind by being aware of breathing and sensations, imagining energy coming in at the in breath.
I then started the MCO using guided audio. Again there was no visualisation of what the energy looks like, I was focused on sensations , which were similar to yesterday ; a subtle sense of presence flowing from spot to spot , sometimes accompanied by warmth. The stickiness at the 3rd eye had returned and the resistance when going from the 3rd eye to throat and from kidneys to neck was back. After the session I let the warmth of the collected energy hang around in my lower dantian and let it seep slowly into the crystal ball there (that is how I visualize the storage in the lower dantian).I felt nice after that and I decided to prolong the meditation by doing a 15-minute set of ‘I Am’ affirmations by Kenneth Soares because I’m actively trying to replace negativity in my mind like doubt, fear and regret by their positive counterparts confidence, trust and acceptance. 

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