Microcosmic orbit #79 of 100

We were driving home from France today and decided to do the drive in one day as opposed to doing it in two days as usual. As a result there would be no opportunity to sit quietly in meditation so I decided to do it in the car while my wife was driving. I did the 20-minute version with guided audio. I started with 5 minutes to calm down the mind by keeping my attention with physical sensations. The warm wind in my hair through the open window, the revving and shaking of the car, the stickiness of my skin after a hot day. That was quite fun actually, to subtract the story that mind adds to sensations and instead focus on the raw stuff.Then I started the MCO. There was immediately some warmth in my abdomen at the lower dantian, which traveled with the energy to the bladder. As usual, the sensation disappears when I move to the root chakra. From root to tip of the tailbone the sensation turns into a faint warmth and/or presence. The same for the lower back, kidney area and neck. From neck to crown feels like someone put a Euro coin on my scalp. At that point my 3rd eye is already magnetic, pulling at the energy. When I move the energy from crown to 3rd eye there is strong pressure and stickiness. Moving from 3rd eye to throat always requires some mild force. From throat to heart the sensation turns into a kind of heaviness. From heart to lower dantian the heat is back.When at the heart I always think of my mom. This time too but I realized that seeing her as my mom is too limiting, it is a soul that had the role of being my mom in her last life. Who knows how many lives we cooperated to teach each other lessons? So now I see ‘her’ as a loving soul and so the personal mom-son stuff does not cloud the relationship as much. It’s easier now to receive love from her because my limited view is not in the way.I did not loose track of the MCO during this realisation, it was a nice session.

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