Microcosmic orbit #80 of 100

During the lead-in phase of this meditation I was trying to sense if I had a guide with me. I read two books about channeling during holiday and they provided some tips I was trying to apply, like asking the name of the guide. (I want to channel because I would like to communicate with my higher self or other guides, but my skeptic nature is also still present so I’m not easily convinced ) I did this yesterday and I got ‘Andrea’ but I had to cut off that session. Today I tried to continue. I tried to channel, just started speaking softly and saying whatever comes up. Normally people speak when they know the complete sentence they want to say but with channeling you can just start speaking (or writing) and trust that the sentence will be completed as you go. I tried this but I need more practice, it was incoherent. I started the MCO and it was a crappy session. I was happy to be home again and looked forward to sitting in my meditation room again but of course – if there is expectation like that , disappointment is very likely. Focus was almost non existent, mind kept wandering. This did not annoy me though. I cut the session short. I intended to do 20 minutes but I stopped at 10. Maybe I’ll retry later today.

The channeling books I read:

“Channelling Skills: What to Expect and The Basic Steps” on Scribd. This book is more of a practical guide on the types of channels, handling clients and what questions to ask. It does not provide any tips how to get in a mind state conducive to channeling , which is what I was looking for. If I find a cheap copy I will buy it.

“Leren channeled” by Sanaya Roman. I only read a sample of this book via the Kindle app and it seemed promising. Too bad it is not available on scribd.

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