Microcosmic orbit #82 of 100

This MCO was in the evening, seated on a chair in my bedroom. Mood was better than yesterday, probably due to the barefoot walking today but still far from positive. I’m trying hard to get more positivity in my head but this takes time and sustained effort. When I started this MCO I immediately noticed the “I’m no good at this” attitude and I decided I was fed up with that so I visualized my body as a radiant light body full of energy. I imagined being really good at this and continued with the MCO. I felt better about myself now. I used the guided audio again from the media page. Focus was decent and sensations were back on par , it was a good session.

After 26 minutes the MCO was done and I decided to follow up with a 10-minute Violet Flame meditation which I haven’t done for quite a while. It gave me no strong sensations but there was a tingly heaviness in my limbs and pressure in my head.

Finally I decided to do 15 minutes of I Am affirmations to try and further strengthen positivity in my mind. (I’ve put the audio on the media page)

So now the trick is to make it a conscious effort off-cushion to maintain positivity in my mind and stop feeding the negative thoughts.

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