Microcosmic orbit #89 of 100

This MCO was at work , I intended to do a 15-minute session. I sat down and decided to not use guided audio this time. I just did abdominal breathing at natural speed as usual, contracting the pelvic floor muscle at the out breath. I imagined the energy going around the torso during each breath. This is difficult for me and it didn’t feel very lively. It just doesn’t give me much sensations to work with , almost none. Only pressure at the 3rd eye and some warmth in the abdomen. After a few minutes I reverted to my old method , going from center to center with each breath. Sensations became stronger. I wanted to let the energy do what it wants and it flowed to my heart so I let it feed the flower.(This was in my mind and not based on real sensations)
I continued with the cycle and one time when I reached the stickiness at the 3rd eye I noticed again the resistance of the energy when I try to move it to the throat. I decided to take some time for this and imagined the energy slowly dissolving the blockage between the 3rd eye and throat. This was very slow and I noticed my tongue was not against the roof of the mouth. I fixed that and it seemed to help a bit. When I felt like some energy had penetrated the blockage and had accumulated in the throat , I continued the cycle. I may have to do this multiple times , will try to remember doing that next times.

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