Microcosmic orbit #96 of 100

I did this 17-minute MCO at work in the showerroom.
I chose this moment because just before this session I watched this video and it touched me , opening my heart.
So I decided to meditate and do this MCO. I asked for guidance from my higher self and guides in advance and asked archangel Michael to bathe the room in white light.

I used no guided audio and did slow deep breathing , moving the energy from center to center in the course of a breath cycle.
Focus was okay , mind wandered only once but I didn’t loose track of the MCO.
Sensations of subtle warmth accompanied the energy around the heart ,abdomen and bladder. No sensations at the root. Only a faint sense of presence at the tailbone and lower back. Somewhat stronger sense of presence/movement going up the spine along kidney area ,shoulder blades and neck. No sensations at the base of the head. A euro coin on the crown of the head and strong pressure at the 3rd eye. Throat only has a slight sense of presence. At the end I let the energy linger for a few seconds in the heart area , feeding the lotus there. Finally I let the energy be absorbed in my abdomen.
I felt open and vulnerable after the session , this is better than the closed state I normally have.

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