Morning meditation

I did this 45-min session early in the morning at 6:15 , seated crosslegged in my meditation room.
I used a few minutes to calm down the mind by focusing on bodily sensations and did the excercise where I grow a golden cord from my spine into Mother Earth .
I then purge mental and emotional stuff that doesn’t serve me into Mother Earth for transmutation. This took a few minutes.
At last I just sat in awareness , trying to witness objects in consciousness as an observer.
It is funny , but a few things Rupert Spira has said have found a place in this.

Firstly , his statement that we experience sensations either as being outside our body or inside our body , equating to Not Mine or Mine.
When investigated though , one can easily see that the space of awareness in which these objects of consciousness arise does not have a boundary like that.
It’s easy to test : focus on some sound you hear , and be aware of the space in which you are aware of it. Next , find some sensation in your body and compare this to the experience of the sound. Both objects appear in the same space ; awareness does not limit itself to the body – it is boundless. Alternate between these sensations and you will see. I practiced this in this session.

Secondly , when bodily sensations are perceived , the concept of ‘a body’ is added by Mind. In reality , you can only percieve raw sensations. The concept of these sensations coming from a body is added by Mind. This too I practiced in this session.

Credit to Rupert Spira.

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