Morning meditation

I usually do a Light meditation on the morning but not this time. As I was looking for the audio file on my phone to start it, I accidentally talked on the filled below it which happened to be the 20-minute Microcosmic Orbit. I accepted the hint and did the MCO instead. It turned out to be a mix of the MCO and the Violet flame. As I started to move the energy from one center to the next during each breath, I imagined st.Germain tracing that path with his finger over my skin, infusing the Centers with his energy. Violet energy of course, so now I was circulating Violet energy using the MCO. I really tried to imagine feeling the finger going over my skin which helps staying focused. There was a buildup of subtle heat. At the end, arriving at the lower Dan Tian, I spontaneously thought ‘I am a being of Violet fire, I am the purity God desires’ and a wave of tingles washed over my body. Funny how that goes.

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