Morning meditation

This morning’s Light meditation was a bit out of the ordinary. I noticed in the beginning that my heart area felt different, like it was opening up. I gradually started to feel warmer and more open in an emotional sense. I’m a very neutral person (my Michael Chart reflects this; a Warrior is a very earthly character, I have a Scholar task companion which is the neutral role, Observation mode is the neutral mode,Intellectual Center is neutral and my Goal of dominance is neutral too. So I don’t emote easily.) So if I open up, I notice. Tingles rose up the sides of my body and my mind shifted to my mother. She said she loved me , she’s proud of me and it’s okay to choose. I said thank you and asked where my recently deceased Stepdad was. He stepped into view from behind her. I asked what he wanted to say. He was not as clear as my mom but I think he wanted to express regret, he could have taken better care of me in the past. I told him that it was me who left and he was busy enough taking care of his own family, so I forgave him. At that point it was time in the meditation to let in the Light so I did, while enjoying the open heart center. Somehow the image of my mom and stepdad within the light concentrated in my heart center and remained there until the end of the meditation.

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