Morning meditation

After sleeping well I did my light meditation this morning, as usual. It felt strong again and the flow between my heart and stomach was there again. It feels like a blob of warm syrup.

After the light meditation I did my affirmations again: I Am a positive person. A strong energy flows through me. I Am a gifted healer. I Am good at channeling. I Am filled with love.

When I say “I Am a gifted healer” I realize that it is not me who heals. I don’t give myself credit for any of that. That would be like thanking the brush for making a painting. I am the brush and the I Am presence is the painter. All I can take credit for is overcoming fear and doubt so that ego can step out of the way.

The warmth in the heart area remains present after the meditation as I write this.

May all beings be well

May all being be peaceful and calm

May all beings be truly happy

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