Michael Chart

Some weeks ago I made an attempt to channel my son’s Michael Chart. I tried to get his Role (or soul type) by asking each role and seeing how it feels , so I’d ask ‘is he a Server?’ and see how that feels. Then ‘is he a Priest?’ etcetera. Then I’d check and see which value felt most confident. That way I attempted to get his Role, Soul Age , Chief Obstacle , Mode , Center and body type. When I reviewed what I got, I noticed that apart from the Role , I had mostly the same values as the chart for my daughter so I probably ‘copied’ them, hence I had low confidence in the accuracy – except for the Role.
A bit later I ordered the chart for my son with Shepherd Hoodwin and today I received it. Turns out I was accurate on the Role , Center and Mode.
The Chief Obstacle (CO) was not specified because he is too young; the CO can change until the 3rd internal monad (puberty) is completed.

I may try practicing this more by using the celebrity charts that can be found on the Michael Teachings site. I can pick a celebrity , channel the chart and check what I got that way. Only tricky thing is that if a chart is channeled for the second (or more) time, the accuracy may be lower. I’ve read channeled information is most accurate when it’s fetched for the first time and there is a true desire to get the info.

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