Michael Teachings – personality vs soul

According to the Michael Teachings we are souls that use this body to perceive and navigate this world and we have a personality that enables us to learn lessons.

One of the big questions that has been haunting me the past 6 months or so is how one can discern what the will of the soul is and what the will of the personality is. And how does the interaction between personality and soul work? Sometimes when you have to make a decision ratio will say ‘A’ but your gut feeling may say ‘B’. Is the gut feeling your soul nudging you in a certain direction? When choosing the color for your drapes this isn’t a big deal, but if some impactful life decision needs to be made then it would be nice to be able to reliably know what the soul wants, because the soul might have a life plan (or agreement with other souls) and life task of which the personality may not be aware.

I’m trying to find information on the way the soul interacts with the consciousness of the person and the first snippet I found comes from a book ‘Journey of your Soul’ by Shepherd Hoodwin (which happens to be on my reading list)

I think this shows that the soul is not able to force the personality into a decision, and the soul is also not infallible. This is something I’m going to dig into deeper.

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