MT Workshop

I’m helping to set up a workshop on the Michael Teachings by Shepherd Hoodwin in Amsterdam next March. More details about that will be posted as they become clear. In preparation I was watching a YouTube video of him at another workshop. It’s very interesting. For example, in this part he explains what it means to have a Goal of Flow.

Also, from that video I learned a bit more about the Centers. If you’re in the Physical Center then thoughts and emotions follow your physical state. So if you feel down, you can make yourself physically more comfortable (take a hot bath or something like that) and this will make you feel better mentally also. If you’re in the Intellectual Center like me, you can make yourself feel better by changing your thoughts. Because Thought is how you primarily interpret the world when in the Intellectual Center, the emotions form as a result of the thoughts. This ‘changing’ or ‘choosing’ your thoughts has many aspects about it that in the past made me wonder whether this is a good thing to do, but I can’t deny that it seems to work (if I remember to do it…). It just feels unnatural and counterintuitive. I guess it’s an example of the Dominion over the mind that st. Germain keeps emphasizing.

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