Last Sunday I attended another Satsang with Fred Davis. I have access as part of the student program but anyone can attend these. The fee for a single Satsang is $25.
You can sign up here , try it!
The sessions are each Sunday evening 20:00 – 22:00 CET.

Last Sunday the session was very interesting. I have two takeaways that I remember and would like to share:

Firstly, a one-liner:
Value experience over thought
This means giving more importance to What Is (which is directly perceived), in contrast to our opinions about What Is.

Secondly the subject of manifesting came up, which I found interesting because there seems to be a disparity there. Many people believe they can manifest things using mind by positive affirmations and other methods, but this seems in conflict with the given that everything Just Happens, there is no do-er or controller so how would we be able to manifest anything? The Universe does all the manifesting for us and we’re here to observe as Awakeness. Maybe this is one of the many paradoxes in non-duality that cannot be understood with our limited brains, but Fred’s comment was very good. In summary he said that manifesting seems to work but one has to be very careful because what you’re really thinking then is that you know better what’s good for you than the Universe.
You’re most likely better off letting go of the urge to control and just go with What Is – As It Is.

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