In the private session I just had with Fred Davis I addressed with him a list of words that sometimes confuse me. I asked Fred to validate this list because I can get confused during Satsang about their exact meaning.
The words within each list don’t exactly mean the same but they can be logically grouped together and are definitely NOT the same as the words in the other list – that’s what’s important here.

List 1: True Nature
the Absolute
Witnessing (as a process, so without an actual witness)
God (tricky one…)

List 2: the Dream
I Am

May you be well.
May you be happy.
May you know Truth.

3 thoughts on “Synonyms”

  1. Dear Dennis,

    Thank you so very much for this clear explanation of the terms used by Fred Davis. I was wondering on which list “God” should be. Sometimes God is compared with Tao (list 2), but one can also state that God must be the Absolute (list 1). What are your thoughts on the matter?

    May you be happy.
    May you be well.
    May your unit help to share Truth. (the Truth should be on list number 1;-)

    A fellow onion peeler.

    1. Hello fellow peeler 😊

      God is a term that has many meanings, but I’d say that God ‘himself’ is not part of manifestation but is that which is a prerequisite for it. So in my world God would be synonym to the Absolute , list 1.

      Thank you for your response and be well 🫂

      1. Hello Dennis,

        Thank you very much. In my world that makes the most sense too.
        Can a unit actually experience the Absolute? Maybe sense it? My mind really wants to know, which another part of me finds really amusing.

        Be well too.

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