Volle Leegte

Yesterday evening and this morning I did this 23-minute non-dual guided meditation narrated by Gina Lake, author of the excellent book Anatomy Of Desire.

I feel it is a wonderfully clear and to-the-point meditation that guides one to the alive&awake space that is empty and full at the same time and is our essential nature.

One thought on “Volle Leegte”

  1. Dear Dennis,

    Thank you for sharing this meditation. It was very nice.
    I would like to recommend The Higher Self Meditation by Michael Mackintosh in the Insight Timer app. In my opinion it’s an excellent meditation. Furthermore I have recently watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jID0akelFB0&t=686s. It explains what being “Unattached” means. It was helpful to understand this concept better.
    I haven’t finished the book “Het mechanisme van verlangen” yet. But it’s very insightful. Thank you again for sharing!

    In loving connection,
    Another you with a different picture

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