There is a lot of drama in my head lately and normally I can see the lesson in that but to do that there has to be some level of detachment. Lately this detachment is less obvious and I’m absorbed in the drama. I know I choose this drama myself but it is particularly hard to let go of now. In addition, there is some obsession going on that is very persistent and a lot of judging thoughts come by that I don’t like. I know I have to just let them blow by and pay no attention but in the whole picture at the moment they find furtile ground to grow roots. It’s hard to find thankfulness for anything at the moment but I’m trying. The book The Light Shall Set You Free that I’m still reading is one of those books that seems to say the right things at the right time, it helps build a picture of what’s going on and the options I have of addressing the ‘problems’. I will use this holiday to make a start on changing my behaviour and see if mind follows so I can break this spell.

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