Evening meditation

Today was a day full of doubt and fear again. I think the fear is draining all the energy, causing a dark mood as a result. It’s not that I’m constantly in a panic but there is a clear fear that is constantly in my consciousness, wearing me out. So tonight I did a guided meditation that uses EFT to address fear. I liked it and it seems to help. Feeling better afterwards not only in terms of anxiety but also some of my energy returned and the mood is noticeably less pessimistic. I followed it up with a Light meditation and although it didn’t feel as strong as it usually does, it felt a lot better that the ones in the last week. Practicing channeling is still out of the question in this state however. Besides, the last time I tried that I channelled information for myself that proved inaccurate so I’m also losing confidence in that area. All part of the game though, not going to stop…

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