Evening meditation

Tonight was an unusual meditation. I started with a Light meditation which was fine and I noticed that the meditation was deeper and more stable than usual. It’s not that mind didn’t wander or so but there was a slight gap between the experience of thoughts and sensations and the one who is aware of it. So mind was wandering but I was aware of it and it didn’t matter. Also lots of physical sensations came by that didn’t bother me. At some point the phrase “I am a being of Violet fire, I am the purity God desires” popped into my mind and I saw myself engulfed in Violet fire. Waves of subtle tingles kept washing over my body as I kept repeating the mantra in my mind. This continued for 15-30 minutes. When I spoke the mantra out loud a few times the sensations became even stronger and then dissipated for the most part. The gap between the experience and awareness remained and I effortlessly remained seated for the rest of the session enjoying this state. When I reluctantly finished to go to bed the timer was at 01:01:01.

My anxiety for the healing ceremony tomorrow is gone, looking forward to it.

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