Evening meditation

Lately I don’t know what to write because there simply isn’t much going on. This evening however was interesting. I sat down to do a Light meditation and after some time I invited my spirit guides to join me. I envisioned myself as a bright light of consciousness and saw the others as bright lights too, we formed a circle. In the middle there was a Violet Flame. The scene felt joyous. Then the flame and the lights kind of merged and there was this expanded spacious feeling. I thought of the tree consciousness and they joined in the party as well. All consciousness shares the same source. The lights of consciousness were merged with mine and it was flowing but there still was the sense of individuality. I felt very calm and there was a subtle detachment or gap between awareness and the physical experience. I was still aware of everything but more detached and at peace. I could feel the legs were hurting a bit but it was not a problem. My personal problems didn’t seem very important either. I got the impression I was supposed to take the two amethyst crystals I often use and I ‘heard’ “Let’s give you a little boost” in my head. So I took the crystals in my hand and immediately a wave of tingles went through my body which had a healing quality to it and the meditation got deeper. I remained seated for about 45 minutes, enjoying and exploring this state. Sometimes there still was a little mind wandering but that was okay and I could easily go back to this peaceful state as soon as I noticed it. I wished I could have stayed seated longer but I had to stop. I dedicated the merits of this meditation to all sentient beings.

Feeling thankful at the end.

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