Evening meditation

This evening I did a 20-minute guided Light meditation again and after that was finished I kept focusing on the light in the heart center. (Yesterday evening and this morning the meditation felt a bit ‘dead’ but I suppose that may be related to the energy work on Sunday.) This evening some of the energy was back again. I sent Shamballa to two persons. After that was finished I got the shivers again and I felt a strange pressure in my head. Who’s there? ‘Michael’. I couldn’t believe it but I asked two personal questions anyway and got basic answers. I can’t remember them anymore now… It’s a bit strange how fast I forgot those answers, like a dream that fades from memory really fast. I wish I had started the recorder app on my phone beforehand. I’m a bit skeptical about having channeled or having made up those answers myself but I guess that’s the process of building confidence. I’ll just keep practicing.

I finished the meditation with a Violet Flame, hadn’t done that one in a while. Felt good too.

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