Evening meditation

Tonight was a strong light meditation. After a few minutes my body started feeling ‘buzzy’, I guess from the energy. I felt quite nice and sometimes a wave of tingles would come over my torso. Something I also started doing lately is to imagine the light flowing into my head and fusing the two brain halves so that it becomes one. I did that tonight also and somehow the light just kept getting brighter and brighter in my head and the energy got quite strong. A feeling of pressure built up in my head and there also was a lot of pressure on the third eye. At one point there was like a ‘pop’ in my head and the energy instantly got a lot more intense but nothing else happened. I thought of the tree and I imagined it talking to me. I had something of a conversation with it but I can’t remember it anymore except we expressed mutual love. Then I did the same with the Guides, they told me I was vulnerable and open now and I should be careful so I asked archangel Michael for a pillar of light . Then they told me I would have a period of dealing with fear because fear blocks the seeing of Truth. I remember being doubtful that it was my own thoughts again. I had to stop because I was very tired so I thanked everyone and went to bed.

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