Evening meditation

This evening I decided to just sit and stay with the breath, so I sat down in my meditation room and did just that. After about half an hour I was feeling quite calm and neutral. In that room I’m surrounded by a number of stones and I got the idea to pick one up and see how it feels; since I’m feeling neutral and I’m nicely focused maybe I could feel the difference. The first one I picked up was a citrine point. I held it in my hands and focused on the stone for a few minutes. I noticed I started to feel more optimistic and willing to act, wanting to do something like create or repair something. Next I picked up a piece of shungite. I focused on being aware I was holding the stone and I could feel the citrine influence slowly dissipating, being replaced by an assuring calmness. Maybe I’ll practice this more often to train my sensitivity because I think the same sensitivity is related to intuition\channeling and if like to have more of that.

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