Fear – continued

My recent fear was unjustified and a very valuable lesson was learned (again) ; not to let mind create what is not there. Mind created huge future problems in my head which in turn produced great fear and anxiety and it was all for nothing. Had I stayed with ‘what is’ and not tried to deduce what might happen in the near future, a lot of stress would have been prevented.

Having all this fear about events that might happen in the near future gave me an opportunity to practice being open and trusting to life, accepting whatever comes on my path. At times when I managed to be accepting, the anxiety was absent. When I couldn’t accept and was off-center, anxiety raged. The reality around me is the same in both cases, but the experience of it is very different.

Another big lesson was seeing my egoic attachment to the image others have of me. I thought I didn’t really care about that but I do- and a lot more than I was willing to admit. This episode has shown me just that.

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