There’s a lot going on in my experience. I’m learning stuff faster than I can apply it in practice. First the Book of Mastery , then The Light Shall Set you Free and now I’m listening to the also excellent book the Untethered Soul. The latter had a practical tip recently that I found very useful ; to see all emotions as energies passing through my system. Observe them , let them flow and pass by. Seeing it as energy seems to work for me, but the fact that it works shows me I’m reluctant to let go of emotions. I’m attached to them and to the situation they relate to. I know it’s the person who thinks it’s important. I’m guessing this is a good development but it’s kind of scary since most of our ( well , my) decisions are based on emotions , fears , urges and desires. If I have to observe emotions come and go as simple energies, on what basis will I be taking actions and decisions? What will replace it? I know the answer ; there is no need to replace it because there never was a controlling person to begin with – but still it scares me.
Also I’m working on fear ; fear of life , of failing , of anything. Fear is the boundary that keeps the small self alive. Passing through fear breaks down those boundaries. I’m trying to modify my view of life , from seeing it as a threatening collection of negative possibilities to an open , allowing attitude welcoming all experiences. Consciously viewing fears also as energies passing through helps with that.

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