The spiritual ego trap

A big part of the spiritual path for me means learning to see through the patterns and workings of the constructed self (ego); the ways it limits me and prevents me from being truly happy. As I learn how this works the ego’s influence diminishes and it shrinks. This un-learning of patterns brings more openness and allows for growth. Sometimes this growth can manifest peak experiences, like energy events or bliss or epiphanies. Lately I’ve been having some new developments and although the growing confidence is probably conducive to more growth, it also has a darker side. I see myself replacing my old ego with a spiritual one. I identify with these events and add them to my list of ‘achievements’. Of course the recent developments are positive, but I should try not to be attached to them. I try to prevent this building of a spiritual ego by attributing the achievements to my higher self instead of Dennis. This seems correct because the more I step aside and do nothing, the more seems to happen.

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