The book ‘the Surrender Project‘ is very inspiring and it has changed my attitude towards life , hopefully forever. I am more accepting to what is and I am open and alert to whatever comes – at least I have that intention. Challenges will come , that’s for sure but that’s part of the game. So today I worked with new energy and intended to do my best to serve by doing a good job. I was challenged today to do something that I fear , and doing it felt good. It was a productive day , haven’t had that in quite a while. I hope I can keep up this energy I’m feeling.I feel less contracted , less caught in past and more aware because I’m alert to hints of the universe what I’m ‘supposed’ to do. It’s a sense of child-like curiosity what will come. I’m sure I will not have the extraordinary life of Michael a. Singer who wrote the ‘Surrender Project’ because I suspect he must have had a truckload of positive karma to begin with , but I’m happy with little things. The feeling of surrendering to serve the needs of the universe instead of the small self feels good in a strange way. This new mental state is still taking root , we’ll see where this leads.

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