Morning meditation

Today I started out doing some chores and then I sat down in the bedroom to meditate. I started out with a Light meditation which is getting a bit mechanical and seems to be losing some of its effect lately, although today felt good again. I followed it up with a 20-minute Microcosmic orbit which I hadn’t done in quite a while. I used the guided audio from my media page and contracted the pelvic floor muscle at the out breath. I could notice that that muscle lost a lot of it’s strength. I also noticed that the energy was more like a liquid now whereas I normally pictured it more as a gaseous substance. It followed s lot quicker from center to center and would whirl around it. Also, the attributes of the energy were somewhat different. I always had a little trouble understanding what this light actually is, but after reading some books about St.Germain I’ve come to see it as the energy that precedes all manifestation, the ‘stuff’ everything is built from. Quantum physics calls this the quantum field I think. Others may call it God or pure consciousness. I’m not saying my definition is accurate but it did give the energy more ‘punch’ now that I saw it differently.

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