Morning meditation

After a number of days of feeling down and low in energy I had a strong Light meditation again this morning. Lots of stuff happened before my mind’s eye and I’ll try to describe it before I forget.

I started out with two very short meditations from this site. The first one (sexual healing) was nice and the image of energy circulating between the centers was clear. The second one (return of the Goddess) felt stronger. I like the idea of merging with a female body in order to bring more female energy into my system. Then I proceeded with a regular Light meditation. My body was buzzing with energy and I felt quite confident and calm. The intellectual scepticism that I usually have to’fight’ was weak. I can’t remember the exact sequence of events anymore but these are things that happened before my mind’s eye:

The female body of the Goddess meditation was still merged with my own, bringing softness to my energy. I felt like I was a strong beacon of white light, it was emanating to my surroundings. Sometimes a flash of fear or disturbance would be triggered by some thought but I was conscious of that and I immediately let the Light consume it, after which it was gone and I couldn’t even remember the thought that triggered it anymore. At some point I was a sphere of strong bright light and I thought of and old friend. I saw her as a sphere of light too, but it was a bit weaker, struggling and flickering. I let it enter my own sphere so it was safe and protected. I nurtured it with the Light and it had a feeling to it as if it were a baby in a whomb. It was quite beautiful until my mind got distracted. I was thinking about my purpose in life, something I have been wondering about for a long time. I didn’t get a clear picture but I saw myself on or near a beautiful pond in a forest with lillies on the water and surrounded by reed. It was night and a misty fog hung over the water. I was lecturing or teaching something but there was nobody there to listen so no idea what the point was of that. Then my attention went back to the meditation. The sphere of light I had been feeding was bright again and was floating before my own sphere. We had subtly different colors . We slowly but deliberately merged into one but with keeping our own integrity. I felt a strong companionship. This was pleasant and it lasted for some time. All the while energy felt strong, I was feeling big and powerful in a gentle way.

Lately I try to remain conscious about the golden sun in my heart center and the white light in my body during all my daily activities, to keep me in touch with my true nature.

Time to start my day.

Be well ! 🍀🌸

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