Note to self

I was listening to the Untethered Soul while driving home from work just now and this caught my attention:

If you find yourself suffering , it is useful to check in and see ‘who is aware of this suffering?’ .

This is the reverse of another approach (from Mooji) I tried before where you try to find the one who suffers; of course you will find nothing because the sufferer does not exist. I have found this approach difficult to work with. It tries to point out who you are not by sending you on a search for the unfindable.

When you ask yourself ‘who is aware of this suffering’ you are pointing yourself to the awareness that you really are, so that’s the reverse process. I’m guessing that this method is going to help me get centered more quickly than the earlier method.

I strongly recommend this book. It is yet another but no less valuable approach to the spiritual path to Awakening.

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