NPMDT (shamballa) night

Yesterday evening I attended a gathering of people who completed the NPMDT (formerly known as Shamballa) course. It is an opportunity to meditate , exchange experiences and practice energy healing on each other. During the evening I did feel general energy sensations but nothing out of the ordinary. However , last night in bed I felt extreme sensations in my body , energy was raging. Waves of heaviness and expansion\contraction moving around in the torso and head with occasional jolting of limbs. I was already lying awake due to a conflict that evening so I hardly got any sleep last night.
Now , in the morning as I write this, there are strong feelings of depression , grief , regret ,desire and doubt. The lack of sleep probably amplifies this. But I know that’ll pass and it is an opportunity to Be with it. When you allow mind to take over , the feelings and emotions get multiplied. When you stay in the Being by observing breath,thoughts and\or bodily sensations , this multiplication stops and a measure of calm returns. This is a struggle for me though , especially at work.

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