There is more than enough stuff going on in my life to be worried about , like with most people. Lately however , I seem to be more able to let all that stuff be and see it as part of the persona and of What Is. It is only a problem when seen from the perspective of the person , or small self. The same goes for ‘good’ stuff. This mode of observation is slowly getting stronger. It may be a good development because I want to be all I can be which is much more than just a person , but I’m also a bit weary because detaching from the person can also be a psychological coping mechanism and I don’t want to detach from my life – I just want to see it for what is is , see ME for what I am. Maybe it’s just the ego that is fighting this transition , but I’m not stopping now. It’s probably just fear of letting go of control , because the absence of a Person means absence of control.
I suppose this process is driven by the wonderful Book of Mastery.

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