In The Light Shall Set You Free I heard this morning about the law of relativity.

It made me realize again how much I have been , and still am , a slave to my mind. I compare myself not nearly as much to other people as I used to do , but what is happening lately is that I’m comparing my current situation to something that ‘could have been’. This ‘could have been’ is a mind construct from beginning to end and has no roots in reality.

So what are the lessons I can learn here?

Be mindful of what constructs mind is making. Stick to what is here and now and don’t let mind add any story to it.

Control over the mental and emotional body is key. This had already dawned to me some time ago and is part of many teachings but now I’m applying it more and more. It’s a matter of choosing your thoughts. It felt wrong doing it somehow at first , as if I’m trying to subdue or deny my feelings so they can come back later with a vengeance. I think that’s because I started out doing it forcefully ,now I try to do it more softly and gentle. There always is some resistance to letting go of the old , negative thougt stream at that moment that I have to overcome , don’t know why. Maybe because it means letting go of an ideal and thus accepting what already is.

Approach ‘problems’ from the heart , not the rational mind. If I have a flat tyre the rational mind can help me , but if I feel emotional pain the heart needs to step in.

The above is a work in progress , after insight comes integration which is the hard part.

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