Today I had a small Shamballa gathering where we talk and practice Shamballa on each other. We take turns lying down on the table and the other three perform a joint healing. Last Tuesday at another Shamballa gathering my energy felt quite powerful but today was even stronger. When I was working on the last person (3rd) I wasn’t allowed to flush her energy body using the Violet Flame so I found myself wondering what to do next? I thought of my higher self and decided that it’s not my problem; you figure it out. So the thought arose to grab her feet and gently push them a bit apart and I did that. Following that the image came to mind of a big column of bright white light coming down on me and going into the person through my arms. It was very powerful and I saw\imagined sparks flying off the stream of energy. This continued for some time and meanwhile I was wondering where all this energy was going but I figured that wasn’t my problem. When the stream subsided I felt a bit worked up and I imagined the person must be feeling the same, so I grounded myself and let the energy level out with the Earth. This took a bit of time and the other two persons were already finished but I continued until it felt right. The person on the table felt it was a strong healing and the other people around the table also had the impression that it was strong.

So in my car on the way home I noticed that I was a bit proud of my strong energy. I realized this was not right as it is not my energy. I don’t even really know what I’m doing. It all works best if I, Dennis, step aside and just let it all happen. My Higher Self and other beings work with the energy through me. If any credit is to be given to Dennis, it’s for learning to step aside and not interfere.

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