Snowy Mountain

yesterday evening during the meditation my mind wandered for a moment and was thinking how I would like to know about my previous life\lives. I instantly decided to ask my higher self for information and a moment later there was a flash image of a snowy white mountain ridge on which I was walking. I don’t know if I was alone or with a group. Next moment there was an image of a wolf (or maybe a sled dog) attacking me. That was it.

These are rare moments where spontaneous images or words appear to me , it happens when I am relaxed with an empty mind. Usually if I get thoughts that attract my attention I can trace back what the stream of thoughts was and I can see how I got there. In this kind of case however the images come out of the blue without any thought stream that lead to them. It leaves me wondering if this is my fantasy at work or if it is the information I requested? I guess I need to develop a level of trust in this , hopefully I get some information soon that I can validate.

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